New Umpiring Folders

The umpiring committee will continue to use the Umpiring folders  for all level 5 and 4 umpires (and at the request of level 3 umpires). These folders will have your latest umpiring exam results, important information for new umpires, a rule book, and most importantly a number of assessment sheets for senior umpires to fill out either after a mentoring role, or after a match assessment.

To get a folder ask Badger (Anthony Wellington) to organise one for you.

It is very important that all new umpires bring these folders to games that you umpire if you want feedback from the senior umpires, or if you want to be assessed.

For 2022 the umpiring committee are:

  • Anthony Wellington (Umpiring Coordinator)
  • Tania Newcombe
  • Justin Koevoets
  • Christine Filsell
  • Danny Smith
  • Bradley Pearce (Umpiring Secretary)

Umpiring Levels

Anyone wishing to become an umpire, or go up a level should approach any of the SCHA umpiring committee and asked to be evaluated. The process for promotion  can be found here.


Umpiring Roster

Weekly Umpiring Roster

Victor HarborU108.15amYankalillavVictorVictor/ Lucas
May-18All sortsvAldingaAldinga
U149amVictor BluevVictor WhiteWalEmma Elliott
10amYankalillavGoolwaZach TunbridgeSarah Andrews/ Emmett Baldock
Aldinga BlackvAldinga BlueTaniaHarrison Ferguson
U1711:10amGoolwavAldinga BlackSarah AndrewsMitchell Tinker
YankalillavVictorWalJake Tyson
Women12.30pmVictor WhitevVictor BlueTaniaKate
2pmGoolwavYankalillaLizZach Tunbridge
3.30pmAldinga BlackvAldinga BlueChristine FilsellDanny Smith
Men12.30pmAldinga BluevGoolwaBadgerChis T
2pmVictor GreyvYankalillaMarkDylan
3.30pmVictor WhitevVictor BlueMitchellMatt Irvine
ByeAldinga Black