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To use the search function simply type in the team you are looking for (eg Yankalilla U16 or Aldinga Black Mens or Victor white women) and it will filter the games for just that 1 team. Or to filter through the venues type in ABHC, GHC, VHHC or YHC to see all the home games for the year. You can also type in the date and get all the games for that week. Hope this all makes it easier……

During the course of the season unforseen venue changes may arise, the SCHA will keep all members updated of any changes as they occur.

23-AprU108.20amVictor v YankalillaVHHC
23-AprU149.00amAldinga Blue v YankalillaVHHC
23-AprU1410.00amVictor Blue v Aldinga BlackVHHC
23-AprU1410.00amVictor White v GoolwaVHHC
23-AprU1711.10amVictor v Aldinga BlackVHHC
23-AprU1711.10amYankalilla v Aldinga BlueVHHC
23-AprWomen12.30pmVictor Blue v AldingaVHHC
23-AprWomen2.00pmVictor White v YankalillaVHHC
23-AprMen12.30pmVictor v GoolwaVHHC
23-AprMen2.00pmVictor White v Aldinga BlueVHHC
23-AprMen3.30pmVictor Blue v Aldinga BlackVHHC
23-AprMen3.30pmVictor Grey v YankalillaVHHC
30-AprU109.00amAldinga v VictorABHC
30-AprU149.45amAldinga Blue v Victor WhiteABHC
30-AprU1411.00amGoolwa v Victor BlueVHHC
30-AprU149.45amAldinga Black v YankalillaABHC
30-AprU1711.00amAldinga Black v YankalillaABHC
30-AprU1711.00amAldinga Blue v VictorABHC
30-AprWomen12.30pmAldinga v YankalillaABHC
30-AprWomen12.30pmGoolwa v Victor WhiteVHHC
30-AprWomenBYEVictor Blue
30-AprMen2.00pmAldinga Black v YankalillaABHC
30-AprMen3.30pmAldinga Blue v Victor GreyABHC
30-AprMen2.00pmVictor v Victor WhiteVHHC
30-AprMen3.30pmGoolwa v Victor BlueVHHC
7-MayU108.20amYankalilla v AldingaYHC
7-MayU149.00amVictor White v Aldinga BlackVHHC
7-MayU1410.00amVictor Blue v GoolwaVHHC
7-MayU1410.00amYankalilla v Aldinga BlueYHC
7-MayU1711.10amVictor v Aldinga BlackVHHC
7-MayU1711.10amYankalilla v Aldinga BlueYHC
7-MayWomen12.30pmYankalilla v GoolwaYHC
7-MayWomen12.30pmVictor White v Victor BlueVHHC
7-MayMen2.00pmAldinga Black v Aldinga BlueYHC
7-MayMen3.30pmYankalilla v GoolwaYHC
7-MayMen2.00pmVictor Grey v Victor WhiteVHHC
7-MayMen3.30pmVictor Blue v VictorVHHC
14-MayU108.20amYankalilla v VictorYHC
14-MayU149.00amYankalilla v Victor WhiteYHC
14-MayU1410.00amGoolwa v Aldinga BlackYHC
14-MayU1410.00amAldinga Blue v Victor BlueYHC
14-MayU1711.10amAldinga Black v Aldinga BlueYHC
14-MayU1711.10amYankalilla v VictorYHC
14-MayWomen12.30pmYankalilla v GoolwaYHC
14-MayWomen2.00pmVictor Blue v AldingaYHC
14-MayWomenBYEVictor White
14-MayMenAldinga Blue (Forfeit)
14-MayMen3.30pmGoolwa v Aldinga BlackYHC
14-MayMen2.00pmYankalilla v Victor WhiteYHC
14-MayMen3.30pmVictor Blue v Victor GreyYHC
21-MayU108.20amAldinga v YankalillaGHC
21-MayU149.00amGoolwa v Aldinga BlueGHC
21-MayU1410.00amYankalilla v Victor BlueGHC
21-MayU1410.00amAldinga Black v Victor WhiteGHC
21-MayU1711.10amAldinga Blue v VictorGHC
21-MayU1711.10amAldinga Black v YankalillaGHC
21-MayWomen12.30pmAldinga v Victor WhiteGHC
21-MayWomen2.00pmGoolwa v Victor BlueGHC
21-MayMenYankalilla (Forfeit)
21-MayMen3.30pmAldinga Black v Victor GreyGHC
21-MayMen2.00pmAldinga Blue v Victor BlueGHC
21-MayMen3.30pmGoolwa v Victor WhiteGHC
28-MayU109.00amVictor v YankalillaVHHC
28-MayU149.45amAldinga Black v Aldinga BlueABHC
28-MayU149.45amVictor White v Victor BlueVHHC
28-MayU149.45amYankalilla v GoolwaVHHC
28-MayU1711.00amVictor v YankalillaVHHC
28-MayU1711.00amAldinga Black v Aldinga BlueABHC
28-MayWomen1.00pmVictor Blue v Victor WhiteVHHC
28-MayWomen2.00pmAldinga v YankalillaABHC
28-MayMen12.30pmAldinga Blue v GoolwaABHC
28-MayMen3.30pmAldinga Black v YankalillaABHC
28-MayMenVictor Grey (Forfeit)
28-MayMen3.00pmVictor Blue v Victor WhiteVHHC
4-JunU108.20amYankalilla v VictorGHC
4-JunU149.00amGoolwa v Aldinga BlackGHC
4-JunU1410.00amVictor Blue v Aldinga BlueGHC
4-JunU1410.00amYankalilla v Victor WhiteGHC
4-JunU1711.10amYankalilla v Aldinga BlueGHC
4-JunU1711.10amAldinga Black v VictorGHC
4-JunWomen12.30pmYankalilla v Victor BlueGHC
4-JunWomen2.00pmGoolwa v Victor WhiteGHC
4-JunMen12.30pmGoolwa v Victor GreyGHC
4-JunMen2.00pmVictor White v Aldinga BlackGHC
4-JunMen3.30pmYankalilla v Victor BlueGHC
4-JunMenBYEAldinga BlueGHC
11-JunBYELong Weekend
18-JunU108.20amVictor v AldingaVHHC
18-JunU149.00amVictor Blue v Aldinga BlackVHHC
18-JunU1410.00amGoolwa v YankalillaVHHC
18-JunU1410.00amVictor White v Aldinga BlueVHHC
18-JunU1711.10amVictor v Aldinga BlueVHHC
18-JunU1711.10amYankalilla v Aldinga BlackVHHC
18-JunWomen12.30pmVictor Blue v GoolwaVHHC
18-JunWomen2.00pmVictor White v AldingaVHHC
18-JunMen12.30pmYankalilla v Aldinga BlueVHHC
18-JunMenAldinga Black (Forfeit)
18-JunMen2.00pmVictor Blue v GoolwaVHHC
18-JunMen3.30pmVictor Grey v Victor WhiteVHHC
25-JunU108.20amAldinga v YankalillaABHC
25-JunU149.00amGoolwa v Victor WhiteABHC
25-JunU1410.00amYankalilla v Victor BlueABHC
25-JunU1410.00amAldinga Black v Aldinga BlueABHC
25-JunU1711.10amYankalilla v VictorABHC
25-JunU1711.10amAldinga Black v Aldinga BlueABHC
25-JunWomen12.30pmAldinga v Victor BlueABHC
25-JunWomen2.00pmGoolwa v YankalillaABHC
25-JunWomenBYEVictor White
25-JunMen12.30pmVictor Blue v Victor GreyABHC
25-JunMen2.00pmAldinga Blue v Aldinga BlackABHC
25-JunMen3.30pmVictor White v YankalillaABHC
2-JulU108.20amYankalilla v AldingaYHC
2-JulU149.00amYankalilla v Aldinga BlackYHC
2-JulU1410.00amVictor Blue v Victor WhiteYHC
2-JulU1410.00amGoolwa v Aldinga BlueYHC
2-JulU1711.10amYankalilla v Aldinga BlackYHC
2-JulU1711.10amVictor v Aldinga BlueYHC
2-JulWomen12.30pmYankalilla v Victor WhiteYHC
2-JulWomen3.30pmGoolwa v AldingaYHC
2-JulWomenBYEVictor Blue
2-JulMen12.30pmGoolwa v Victor GreyYHC
2-JulMen2.00pmAldinga Black v Victor BlueYHC
2-JulMen3.30pmVictor White v Aldinga BlueYHC
9-JulU109.00amAldinga v VictorABHC
9-JulU149.45amYankalilla v GoolwaYHC
9-JulU149.45amAldinga Black v Victor BlueABHC
9-JulU149.45amAldinga Blue v Victor WhiteABHC
9-JulU1711.00amAldinga Blue v Aldinga BlackABHC
9-JulU1711.00amYankalilla v VictorYHC
9-JulWomen1.00pmYankalilla v Victor BlueYHC
9-JulWomen12.30pmAldinga v Victor WhiteABHC
9-JulMenBYEVictor Blue
9-JulMen3.00pmYankalilla v GoolwaYHC
9-JulMen2.00pmAldinga Blue v Victor GreyABHC
9-JulMen3.30pmAldinga Black v Victor WhiteABHC
23-JulU108.20amVictor v YankalillaVHHC
23-JulU149.45amVictor White v Victor BlueVHHC
23-JulU149.00amYankalilla v Aldinga BlackVHHC
23-JulU149.45amGoolwa v Aldinga BlueGHC
23-JulU1711.00amVictor v Aldinga BlackVHHC
23-JulU1711.10amYankalilla v Aldinga BlueGHC
23-JulWomen1.00pmVictor Blue v Victor WhiteVHHC
23-JulWomen12.30pmGoolwa v YankalillaGHC
23-JulMen2.00pmYankalilla v Aldinga BlueGHC
23-JulMen3.30pmGoolwa v Aldinga BlackGHC
23-JulMen3.00pmVictor Blue v Victor WhiteVHHC
23-JulMenBYEVictor Grey
30-JulU109.00amYankalilla v AldingaYHC
30-JulU149.45amYankalilla v Aldinga BlueYHC
30-JulU149.45amAldinga Black v Victor WhiteYHC
30-JulU1411.00amGoolwa v Victor BlueVHHC
30-JulU1711.00amAldinga Blue v VictorYHC
30-JulU1711.00amYankalilla v Aldinga BlackYHC
30-JulWomen1.00pmGoolwa v Victor BlueVHHC
30-JulWomen12.30pmYankalilla v AldingaYHC
30-JulWomenBYEVictor White
30-JulMen2.00pmAldinga Black v Victor GreyYHC
30-JulMen3.30pmYankalilla v Victor BlueYHC
30-JulMenBYEVictor White
30-JulMen3.00pmGoolwa v Aldinga BlueVHHC
6-AugU108.20amAldinga v VictorABHC
6-AugU149.00amVictor White v GoolwaABHC
6-AugU1410.00amAldinga Blue v Aldinga BlackABHC
6-AugU1410.00amVictor Blue v YankalillaABHC
6-AugU1711.10amAldinga Blue v Aldinga BlackABHC
6-AugU1711.10amVictor v YankalillaABHC
6-AugWomen12.30pmAldinga v GoolwaABHC
6-AugWomen2.00pmVictor White v YankalillaABHC
6-AugWomenBYEVictor Blue
6-AugMen12.30pmAldinga Blue v Victor BlueABHC
6-AugMen2.00pmGoolwa v Victor WhiteABHC
6-AugMen3.30pmVictor Grey v YankalillaABHC
6-AugMenBYEAldinga Black
13-AugU108.20amYankalilla v AldingaGHC
13-AugU149.00amGoolwa v Aldinga BlackGHC
13-AugU1410.00amVictor White v YankalillaGHC
13-AugU1410.00amVictor Blue v Aldinga BlueGHC
13-AugU1711.10amAldinga Black v VictorGHC
13-AugU1711.10amAldinga Blue v YankalillaGHC
13-AugWomen12.30pmGoolwa v Victor WhiteGHC
13-AugWomen2.00pmAldinga v Victor BlueGHC
13-AugMen12.30pmAldinga Black v YankalillaGHC
13-AugMen2.00pmVictor Grey v Victor BlueGHC
13-AugMenBYEVictor White
13-AugMen3.30pmGoolwa v Aldinga BlueGHC
20-AugU109.00amVictor v YankalillaVHHC
20-AugU149.45amAldinga Black v Aldinga BlueABHC
20-AugU149.45amYankalilla v GoolwaVHHC
20-AugU149.45amVictor Blue v Victor WhiteVHHC
20-AugU1711.00amVictor v YankalillaVHHC
20-AugU1711.00amAldinga Black v Aldinga BlueABHC
20-AugWomen3.30pmAldinga v YankalillaABHC
20-AugWomen1.00pmVictor Blue v Victor WhiteVHHC
20-AugMen12.30pmAldinga Black v Aldinga BlueABHC
20-AugMen2.00pmGoolwa v YankalillaABHC
20-AugMenBYEVictor Grey
20-AugMen3.00pmVictor Blue v Victor WhiteVHHC
27-AugU109.00amJuinor Day From 9.00amYHC
27-AugWomen12.30pmYankalilla v Victor BlueYHC
27-AugWomen2.00pmGoolwa v AldingaYHC
27-AugWomenBYEVictor White
27-AugMenBYEVictor Blue
27-AugMen12.30pmAldinga Black v GoolwaYHC
27-AugMen2.00pmVictor White v Victor GreyYHC
27-AugMen3.30pmYankalilla v Aldinga BlueYHC
3-SepSemi Final
10-SepPrelim Final
17-SepGrand Final

Attention All Captains, Coaches:

All match results must be E-mailed to the Recording Officer by “-no later than-” 12 Noon on the Sunday immediately following the game.
E-mail must contain Teams & Age Grade, Umpires, Final Score, Goal Scorers, Best Players and Cards if any.
A failure to do so (by 12 midday) may result in your club being fined under the rules of the Association.